Posted by: danielfee | March 30, 2012

Travel Photo of the Day 03-30-2012

Whakarewarewa – Rotorua, New Zealand

Whakarewarewa, pronounced ‘fa-ka-re-wa-re-wa”, but it is generally referred to as “Whaka” for short. But if you want to go with its longer formal name, it is Te Whakarewarewatanga o te Ope Taua a Wahiao, meaning “The Gathering Together of War Party of Wahiao”.  This is Rotorua’s largest and best-known therma reserve and it doubles as a major Maori cultural area. The main event are the spectacular geysers, with the most famous being Pohutu (‘Big Splash’ or ‘Explosion’. Pohutu spurts hot water more than 20 meters in the air with the average eruption lasting about five to ten minutes. Whakarewarewa has around 500 pools, most of which are alkaline chloride hot springs, and at least 65 geyser vents, each with their own name.

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