Posted by: danielfee | February 7, 2012

Travel Photo of the Day 02-07-2012

Arenal Volcano - Costa Rica

 Arenal Volcano had lain dormant for hundreds of years, so when it erupted in 1968, it surprised everybody. Today it is the most active volcano in Costa Rica. Frequent powerful explosions send cascades of red-hot lava rocks tumbling down the western slope. It is impressive in the daytime but it is at night when it puts on its best shows. If you are lucky enough to be near Arenal Volcano on a clear night when it is erupting, you will see the night sky turn red by the lava spewing from Arenal’s crater. You cannot climb Arenal because it is not safe due to the constant activity. Many people who visit Arenal Volcano never get to see the exposed cone because it is often socked in fog as a result of the volcano bordering a region of cloud and rain forest. The entire area, 7,200 acres in total, is designated as Arenal National Park.

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