Posted by: danielfee | January 20, 2012

Travel Photo of the Day 01-20-2012

Palatine Hill – Rome, Italy


Umbrella Pine – Palatine Hill

Sitting above the Roman Forum is Palatine Hill (Palatino), believed by the ancient to be the home of Rome’s mythical founder, Romulus. It is claimed to be the original settlement in Rome. Recent excavations show that people have lived there since approximately 1000 BC.

During the Republican period (509BC – 44BC) many affluent Romans had their residences there. During the Empire (27BC – 476AD), several emperors resided there; in fact, the ruins of the palaces of Augustus (27BC – 14AD), Tiberius (14AD – 37AD) and Domitian (81AD – 96AD) can still be seen. Another one of buildings is believed to be the residence of Livia (58BC – 29BC), the wife of Augustus. Situated near the house of Livia is the Temple of Cybele, which is not fully excavated and not open to the public. Augustus also built a temple to Apollo here, beside his own palace.

Overlooking the Forum is the Flavian Palace, also known as Domus Flavia, which is a part of the vast residential complex of the Roman Emperors on Palatine Hill. It was completed in 92AD in the reign of Titus Flavius Domitian, more commonly known as the Emperor Domitian. Domitian is an infamous sadist who took pleasure in torturing everything from flies to senators.

On the other side of Palatine Hill, opposite the Forum, is the Circus Maximus (Circo Massimo), a chariot racing stadium and mass entertainment venue. Situated in the valley below Palatine Hill, the Emperors had what could be considered the first skybox seats for the big events.

Circus Maximus

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