Posted by: danielfee | January 7, 2012

Travel Photo of the Day 01-07-2012

Warnamunde, Germany

 Warnemünde is a sea resort town located in the northern-most district of Rostock on the Baltic Sea in northeast Germany. The town was founded about 1200 and for centuries was just a small village. In 1323 Warnemünde lost its autonomous status when it was purchased by the city of Rostock, which is about a 20 minute train ride to the south. Rostock acquired the town to safeguard the city’s access to the sea. It was not until the 19th century that Warnemünde began to develop into an important sea resort. Today it has approximately 8,400 inhabitants. The opening of a cruise line centre in 2005 has contributed to Warnemünde’s economy and established it as the most important harbour for cruiseline ships in Germany. The lighthouse was built in 1897 and is still in use today. In the summer visitors can climb the tower, which is approximately 121 ft high, for an impressive view of the Baltic Sea. Nearby is the Teepott (Teapot) with its slightly curved roof, the town’s second most famous landmark. It is an interesting example of East German  architecture. It was originally built in the 1960s and renovated in 2002. Today it houses different restaurants and a sea voyage exhibition for the many tourists and summer vacationers.


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