Posted by: danielfee | December 26, 2011

Travel Photo of the Day 12-26-2011

Volcan Calbuco – Chile


Volcan  Calbuco is a stratovolcano in southern Chile located in the Los Lagos Region. Calbuco has erupted nine times since 1837. One of the largest historical eruptions in southern Chile took place there in 1893–1894. Another strong explosion occurred in April 1917, and a lava dome formed in the crater accompanied by hot lahars. Another short explosive eruption in January 1929 also included an apparent pyroclastic flow and a lava flow. The last major eruption of Calbuco, in 1961, sent ash columns up to 7.5–9 miles high and produced two lava flows. There was a minor eruption in August 1972. Strong fumarole emissions from the main crater were observed on August 12, 1996, but there was no eruption. This is a beautiful view of Calbuco as we were whitewater rafting down the Petrohue River


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