Posted by: danielfee | December 8, 2011

Travel Photo of the Day 12-08-2011

Inca Bridge at Machu Picchu – Peru
Inca Bridge Trail


 One of the walks that you can do on your visit to Machu Picchu is the hike to the Inca drawbridge. It is the easiest of the hikes, as long as you are not afraid of heights. The trail winds along the west flank of the mountain behind Machu Picchu. The trail grows narrower until it cuts into the cliff with a near vertical face. At the narrowest point the Incas built a huge stone buttress to create a ledge for the path to cross. The left a strategic gap in the middle of the buttress which was bridged by logs that could be removed. The path is closed off shortly before the bridge ever since some fool tried to cross it and fell to his death. The thought of crossing the bridge never entered my mind. The trail out to the bridge was narrow and high enough for my taste.



  1. Great pictures! I still haven’t gone to see them all yet on FB but I will. Thanks for sharing!

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