Posted by: danielfee | November 24, 2011

Travel Photo of the Day 11-24-2011

Psyche and Cupid – Paris,France

Psyche and Cupid,  also known as The Tale of Amour and Psyche, is depicted in the  Antonio Canova statue Psyche Revived by Cupid’s Kiss. It represents the god Cupid, son of Venus, in the height of love and tenderness, immediately after awakening the lifeless Psyche with a kiss. Envious and jealous of the beauty of a mortal girl named Psyche,Venus asks her son Cupid to use his golden arrows while Psyche sleeps, so that when she awakens, Venus would place a vile creature for her to fall in love with. Cupid finally agrees to her commands after a long debate. As he flies to Psyche’s room at night, he turns himself invisible so no one can see him fly in through her window. He takes pity on her, for she was born too beautiful for her own safety. As he slowly approaches, careful not to make a sound, he readies one of his golden arrows. He leans over Psyche while she is asleep and before he can scratch her shoulder with the arrow, she awakens, startling him, for she looks right into his eyes, despite his invisibility. This causes him to scratch himself with his arrow and fall deeply in love with her. He cannot continue his mission, for every passing second he finds her more appealing. He reports back to Venus shortly after and the news enrages her. Venus places a curse on Psyche that keeps her from meeting a suitable husband, or any husband at that. As she does this, it upsets Cupid greatly, and he decides as long as the curse stays on Psyche, he will no longer shoot arrows, which will cause the temple of Venus to fall.



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