Posted by: danielfee | September 29, 2011

Travel Photo of the Day 9-29-2011

Hobart, Tasmania

Tasmania was first settled by Europeans in 1803. Hobart Town, as it was known until 1881, began as a village of tents and wattle-and-daub huts with a population of 262. Of those 262 settlers, 178 of them were convicts. Hobart has grown to a population of 128,600 and is the capital of Tasmania. Central Hobart wraps around Sullivans Cove (in the foreground) and Battery Point (in the background). This was the gorgeous view from our hotel room.



  1. Beautiful picture! I would love to go to Tasmania. I want to do the big trek there. Did you do that? When are you going to Peru?

    • I leave for Peru on October 23. I did a half day trek in Cradle Mountain National Park. We were with a tour group, so when we arrived at the parks visitors center I bought a map of the hiking trails. They took the group down to Dove Lake at which point I told our tour director I was going to go for a little hike and that I would see them back at the lodge for dinner. I started at the north end and did the Dove Lake trail to the south end. I wanted to get up to the Face Trail and on the map there was this unnamed trail that led from the south end of the lake up to the face trail. The map said steep and difficult. But I thought how bad can it be. So off I went. It started out with steps, not bad. Then it was a dirt trail but the tree roots were almost like steps, not bad. But then it got steeper and I keep going think I was getting close to the top. No suck luck, it leveled out for a short stretch and I came across a smal lalke that I found on my map. I was only half way up. So off I went. Then I hit the part where they had installed metal posts and chains to use as a handrail as you climbed up the rock face. I guess the map was right, steep and difficult. But when I finally got to the Face Trail the view back down of Dove Lake was fantastic. Take a look back at my 6-19-2011 Photo of the Day. I made my way along the Face Trail that connected up with the Overland Track and made my way back to Ronny Creek were I could pick up a bus to the lodge. Overall I did about 10 km. The one you will want to do is the Overland Track. It is an 80.5 km multi-day trek from Lake St Clair to Cradle Valley (Ronny Creek area). You can go either direction, but I would suggest going from Lake St Clair north and ending in Cradle Mountain National Park and booking a couple of days at the lodge to rest and relax afterwards. The lodge was great and the beds were so comfortable. You should definately put Tasmania and Cradle Mountain on your bucket list. I would go back in a minute. I could even get my wife to go back, but she would stay at the lodge the whole time while I was hiking. She loved the lodge.

  2. Tasmania is so beautiful .. and too frequently over looked by overseas visitors … It was one of the first places I wanted to take my American husband one his first trip to Australia.

    • I agree. On our first trip down under, we spent 2 weeks in New Zealand and 2 weeks in Australia, but we didn’t make it to Tasmania on that trip. So we went back in Dec 07-Jan 08 and did just the North Island in New Zealand and 9 days in Tasmania. It was all beautiful, but I think Craddle Mountain NP tops the list. If you scroll back through my photos of the day (6-19 I think) I had a shot looking down from the face of Craddle Mountain. I have more Tasmania photos in my que, but I try to mix them up to keep it interesting.

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