Posted by: danielfee | August 24, 2011

Travel Photo of the Day 8-24-2011

Polar Bear – Portland, Oregon

We did not see any polar bears on our trip to Alaska since we didn’t get any farther north than Fairbanks. But on our trip to Oregon we spent our last day in Portland visiting the Washington Park area. We had not been to a zoo in decades and after we finished visiting the Japanese Gardens we were walking past the train station that lead over to the zoo. On a whim we decided to check it out. The polar bear exhibit was by far the most entertaining and this guy was having a great time with his toy. If you have a free afternoon when you are in Portland, the zoo is worth a visit.



  1. I love polar bears! I think they are my animal-essence or something. I told this to the boys last week when the only one who wanted to swim on the 74 degree morning was me! Did you know we got a pair here at the C-bus Zoo? They were sisters, born at the Toledo Zoo. We are so spoiled with our fabulous zoo, next time you are up this way you’ve got to make some time for it!

    • Shannon
      I would like to do a polar bear expedition in the arctic. Zoos are OK, but I would prefer to see them in the wild.

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