Posted by: danielfee | August 17, 2011

Travel Photo of the Day 8-17-2011

Arc de Triomphe – Paris

The Arc was commissioned by Napoleon in 1806 and completed in 1836 to honor his Grande Armee. It is engraved with the names of great French military victories along with the names of 666 senior officers who participated in the Revolution and wars of the empire. The Arc is 164 feet high and 147 feet wide and is the largest arch of its kind ever built.


  1. Did you take this photo? I loved the arc, but it was the sunset view behind it that made it spectacular. Maybe I could have done without the excessive amount of pickpockets scouring the area, but the experience was eye-opening.

    • Yes, I took this photo before I climbed all those steps to the top, We were just there in May for our 20th anniverary. We didn’t notice too many pickpockets. We found South American counties to be much worse. Or in Rome around the Colosseum.

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