Posted by: danielfee | August 6, 2011

Travel Photo of the Day 8-6-2011

Brothel – Pompeii, Italy
Brothel – Pompeii, Italy

The city of Pompeii, which was buried by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, wasn’t discovered again until 16th century. It was a city of shops, markets, townhouses, a stadium and two theaters. But one of the most interesting places was the brothel. The beds didn’t look too comfortable since they were carved from stone (unless you prefer extra-extra firm) but the most unique items were the frescos on the wall. It was what you might call an early version of a menu board that you would see at todays fast food restaurants. The pictures showed the various positions a customer could choose. I wonder if they had a daily special? It was amazing how well-preserved some of these frescos were after almost 2000 years.


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